By partnering with LG, you will have a unique opportunity to build your business in collaboration with LG and our ecosystem partners — including capital partners interested in globally scaling your business and new ventures coming out of the LG NOVA Commercial Acceleration Program.

Your business will be on an exponential acceleration path to success supported by LG through commercial contracts, sales and distribution channels.

We aim to create $1B businesses together that will bring positive change to people and the planet and help enable a better life for everyone.

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Selected companies may receive access to:

Potential Investment

Recommendations for potential investments from our capital partners, including NOVA Prime Fund and the Capital Alliance.

Grant Funding

Up to $100k of grant funding to support pilot, POCs and/or joint product development.

Collaboration with LG

Deep Collaboration with LG for potential opportunities to develop multi-million-dollar engagements as new businesses within LG’s global innovation portfolio.

Business Growth Support

Venture Studio support to quickly develop and spin-out new ventures in partnership with external companies, resulting in fast time to market for products and services.

Commercial Contracts

Potential commercial contracts with LG Electronics and its affiliates, sales & global distribution channels support.

Operational Resources

Shared infrastructure and platform integration. Marketing, legal, strategic, partnerships and operational resources from LG to operationalize and grow businesses quickly.

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