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Limor Schafman will be speaking on August 27th, 2024.




We're thrilled to announce that our 4th Annual InnoFest Event will be held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, September 25 - 26th!

Register today and come be inspired and energized to build a better tomorrow.

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Webinars On-Demand

LG NOVA hosts webinar on a variety of topics. We’re excited to make all our past webinars available on-demand for you to watch anytime.

The webinar is hosted on our new platform, the Mission Hub. Follow these steps:

Register for the Mission Hub HERE.

Once you join, log in to the Mission Hub HERE.

Click the 'On-Demand' icon. 

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A Look into Our Commercial Acceleration Program - Recorded May 2024

Are you curious about LG NOVA's Commercial Acceleration Program (CAP)? Discover how this program fosters collaboration between companies and the LG NOVA team to drive innovation and create impactful solutions for a better future.

The Coalition for Innovation - Recorded March 2024

We are stronger together. Participate in discussions and collaborate on areas important to you and your business. Connect with others to collectively expand your knowledge. Advance your work to make a positive impact in your communities.

Innovation 2024: Trends, Opportunities & Highlights - Recorded January 2024

Innovation leaders Sokwoo Rhee, Head of LG NOVA, and Lori H. Schwartz, CEO of StoryTech, share insights into emerging trends and opportunities, delve into the future of LG NOVA, and explore perspectives on building a better tomorrow.

Digital Health - Recorded June 2023

As digital health technology continues to evolve, it presents unprecedented opportunities to enhance patient care, improve access to services, and revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.

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DemoDay LA

Women In Tech Summit 2024


Innov8rs SoCal 2024

Rogue Women VII