About the Program

The LG NOVA Commercial Acceleration Program (CAP) is a 6+ month program for companies to work closely with the LG NOVA team on a business proposal to create new solutions or ventures.

With the support of LG Electronics' global resources and brand, this is an opportunity for businesses to grow exponentially.

How does the Commercial Acceleration Program work?

LG NOVA Commercial Acceleration Program reviews and selects companies applying to be a part of the Mission For the Future initiative.

Once a company is chosen to be a part of the program they will work closely with LG NOVA to create a business or solution proposal for proof of concept development. If the POC is successfully reviewed, the company will proceed on an accelerated path to co-create a joint business or launch a solution, as an LG NOVA portfolio company.

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The Outcome

LG NOVA intends to select 10-20 companies annually for this program and launch 1-2 new business ventures a year. Each new business venture may include multiple companies in collaboration. LG NOVA’s goal is to bring innovators, technologies, ideas, and services together from across the industry to create meaningful solutions at a large scale. 

You can be a part of the creation of billion-dollar businesses that bring positive change to people and the planet by solving real-world problems.

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