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LG is a multi-billion-dollar company with deep market-leading expertise in consumer goods and business solutions. We're continuing to innovate and develop products and solutions in new market areas.

We're here to help companies working towards a better future accelerate and grow their business.

What we offer startups and businesses:

Mentorship &

Business Advisory

Mentorship, networking, and connections to experts from corporate, venture and entrepreneurial communities.



Product and value-added business opportunities, commercial partnerships with LG.



Access to LG's worldwide distribution and sales channel.

Partnership Network & Resources

Connections to corporate, big technology through LG partnership network.

Brand & Marketing

LG brand support for marketing, marketing exposure, and product promotion.



Joint venture or acquisition opportunities by LG and/or its corporate partners.

LG Portfolio


Access to LG technology platform powering its broad portfolio of devices


Investment and funding opportunities through LG business and/or its networks.

Proof of Concepts
Development &


Joint development with LG, funding for product development and testing.




Business function support, HR, accounting, and office space.

We’re working to create a better life. Come join us.

LG stands for Life’s Good.

We’re creating a new way of life – at home, on the road and in the office to achieve a sustainable, clean, better quality of life.

LG is committed to sustainable growth and change. Our ESG vision is to provide positive environmental impact and help foster an inclusive society. To this end, our focus is on innovating products, technologies and services that:

- provide zero negative environmental impact

- produce eco-friendly products for future generations

- create diverse and sustainable workplace and value chain

We are looking for creative solutions to deliver on these goals, and products and technologies in the areas of:

Smart World & Entertainment

Digital World

Electric Mobility

Accessible Healthcare

Personal Wellness

Technology for a Better Society