LG Hosts ‘Mission Launch’ Virtual Event

Nov 16, 2021 12:37:00 AM
LG Electronics’ North America innovation center, LG NOVA, is hosting the Mission Launch virtual event series beginning today, a unique experience that brings startups together with industry experts, mentors and influencers to create collaborative conversations on what is needed to do next to build and innovate for the future.

Taking place online from Monday, Nov. 15 to Friday, Nov. 19, the event includes five days of virtual sessions and opportunities for interactive discussion with startups and entrepreneurs. Keynote speakers will include a who’s who list of those driving innovation across a variety of sectors including culinary arts, entertainment, healthcare and technology. The LG NOVA’s Mission Launch virtual event series will feature learning sessions and workshops for startups on building and scaling their business. Registration details along with the full event schedule and speaker roster can be found at missionlaunch.lgnova.com.

The virtual event series spotlights innovation conversations for technologically advanced lifestyles for the good of people, communities and the planet across five focus tracks:

  • Monday, Nov. 15 – Innovation for Impact: Celebrating breakthrough innovations aligned with LG’s philosophy of innovation for a better life that create positive impact on people, communities and the planet; 
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16 – Connected Health: Inventive approaches, access and devices to provide people with more control over their healthcare anytime and anywhere, thereby increasing the health and wellness of our population;
  • Wednesday, Nov. 17 – Energizing Mobility: New services, solutions and business ideas that will help scale the electric mobility infrastructure and catapult the use of electric power for vehicle and transportation forward;
  • Thursday, Nov. 18 – Smart Lifestyles: Content, services, applications and technologies that can be deployed in the connected home space; and
  • Friday, Nov. 19 – The Metaverse: Innovations that will help build the next digital world and internet enabled by gaming, VR, AR and XR technologies, blockchain, digital avatars and more.

The event is spearheaded by LG NOVA, the company’s dedicated center for innovation based in Silicon Valley whose mission is to find innovative, future-impacting startups and entrepreneur communities to build, nurture, and help grow.

Topics: Mission for the Future