Catalyzing innovation for a better life

The LG NOVA Program

We're working to create new businesses that deliver the future of sustainability, readily accessible, socially impactful and technologically advanced living for consumers and the community at large.

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Our focus – Improve quality of life with solutions for accessibility, mobility, usability, and connectivity – for home, work, school, life, while building the next generation of products, applications, and services for consumers.

Innovation comes from the willingness to consider different perspectives

LG NOVA is nurturing the process of new business creation - from the outside-in.

We're calling on startups, founders and entrepreneurs to help us create new businesses that will shape the future of how we live, work and play.

Powered by the LG brand and resources, we can offer startups the ability to take their ideas further and faster into the adoption process.

Let's build a better future, together.

The opportunity is now!

We are taking startup ideas and concept submissions to build businesses for the future.

Mission Launch Event Series

Join us for a virtual event series on innovation and the future on November 15 - 19, 2021.