LG and the hunt for the next-gen corporate incubator

Jan 14, 2022 5:11:00 PM
Written by Haje Jan Kamps
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Whatever you do, don’t refer to LG’s incubator program LG Nova as a corporate venture capital (CVC) outfit.

LG Nova is the pointiest tip of the spear for LG, the company’s experimental playground to work with startups to explore spaces where the corporation has spotted areas ripe for future growth. Backed by a relatively large — and rapidly growing — team and a healthy budget, LG Nova is rolling up its proverbial sleeves and exploring versions of the future.

Below is my interview with Sokwoo Rhee, LG’s corporate SVP and head of the North America Innovation Center — LG Nova among friends. The interview is edited for clarity and length.

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What did Sokwoo Rhee, LG's corporate SVP and head of North America Innovation Center share during his interview with TechCrunch?

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