Inside CES 2024: A Spotlight on Startups’ Journey at the “most powerful tech event in the world”

Apr 11, 2024 9:23:25 AM


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Vibrant energy, cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurial zeal epitomize Eureka Park, the startup hub at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. And for the nine companies exhibiting with LG NOVA this was the experience. 

Brickify, C. Light Technologies, DeepBrain AI, Hoomano, Key2Enable, Mindset Medical, Nakamir, ROYBI and XRHealth were invited by LG NOVA to present their innovations and share their visions for a brighter tomorrow at CES. These companies showed up ready to  leave a lasting impression with attendees, investors, and potential partners.  

Here’s a glimpse into the experience and lessons these startups learned along the way. 

1. Sharing Their Vision

With over 100,000 attendees at CES, the companies exhibiting alongside LG NOVA had an opportunity to share their vision, leveraging the event to expand their networks and raise awareness about their innovations in digital health, clean tech, future tech, and smart lifestyle. Eureka Park is where each of these companies hosted interactive demos that unveiled their technology to attendees served as a forum to receive valuable feedback for the founders.

Our motivation for the CES was to demo our technology to potential customers and receive feedback about the needs of different users and to help others understand the power of AR & AI. When people can touch and try out the technology it deepens their understanding.
-- Christoph Leuze, Nakamir


Our main goal was to raise  awareness of neurological disorders that may be visible sooner with our Retitrack technology. We wanted to meet with as many people as possible to discuss how digital health could positively impact people's lives.
-- Lon Dowell, C. Light Technologies, Inc.


2. Opportunities:  Networking at Scale & Within the LG NOVA Booth

Through the experience, with the many visitors at the booth, the consistent flow of CES attendees was the dream networking opportunity. The startups were often surprised by the caliber of executives “just stopping by” the booth.  The LG NOVA booth served as a tour stop for all sorts of different executives from top corporations, investors and reporters, interested in the startup companies under the LG NOVA umbrella. As a result, the startup founders exhibiting at LG NOVA received great exposure. 

My highlights were networking with industry leaders, receiving positive feedback on my technology, and establishing valuable connections for future collaborations. One surprising aspect of CES was the sheer scale and diversity of technologies on display and the level of competition and innovation in the industry.

Another surprising element could have been the positive reception and interest in my technology received from attendees.

-- José Rubinger, Key2enable Assistive Technology

3. Reflecting on the Journey

Following four days of networking and demos, the startups participating with LG NOVA at CES garnered valuable insights and experiences. It was more than a showcase of products, it was a collective journey in moving the needle towards a better tomorrow.  The lessons learned  will resonate beyond CES 2024 and continue to fuel growth. 

I realized that our solution is valid and would be viable in many countries and that a lot of companies are struggling with managing their plastic waste.
-- Funke Dacosta-Salu, Brickify

It was exciting to see how big companies are preparing to use AI solutions and how AI can affect our lifestyle.
-- Michael Jung, DeepBrain AI

At CES, we learned a ton about the latest tech trends, like how everything's getting smarter, from cars to kitchen gadgets. We saw some cool stuff, like gardens that talk to your phone to help plants grow better. One big surprise was how much tech is focusing on artificial intelligence. Seeing all these new inventions from around the world made us think about what we could do differently in our projects. It was really about seeing the future of tech and thinking about where we fit into that picture.
-- Elnaz Sarraf, ROYBI

At CES, I learned about the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry, gained insights into my company's positioning within the market, and discovered potential areas for growth and development. One surprising aspect of CES was the sheer scale and diversity of technologies on display and the level of competition and innovation in the industry. Another surprising element could have been the positive reception and interest in my technology received from attendees.
-- José Rubinger, Key2enable Assistive Technology

In conclusion, as we reflect on the success of CES, it's evident that this event continues to inspire and drive innovation, propelling us toward a future filled with limitless possibilities. 


Check out our startup companies in action at CES.

C. Light Technologies - Health tech company on a mission to innovate AI-powered software for the early detection and monitoring of retinal and neurological conditions.
Brickify - A startup that recycles plastic waste into furniture and also water, fire, and heat-resistant bricks used to build low-cost houses and to address the homelessness housing deficit.
XRHealth - Integrates immersive XR technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive therapeutic care solution for patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their homes.
Nakamir - Leverages the power of augmented reality and AI to create a personal expert for everyone.
ROYBI - Where play meets potential through AI-driven immersive edutainment platform and robotics to transform childhood learning.
DeepBrain AI - AI-based  avatar creation and chatbot linkage solution used in various industries. 
Hoomano - An AI software platform with emotional intelligence technology that enables more human-like interactions and improved personalization.
Mindset Medical - A technology platform that can use a camera in patient-owned devices to capture health and physiologic metrics to assist doctors in enhancing medical diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.
Key2Enable - Provides greater digital accessibility to people with disabilities. Its Key-X, a multifunctional Smart Keyboard enables people with motor limitations to fully control a computer and other digital devices.

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