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Innovators and developers applied for the opportunity to present their grand ideas for apps or services to be used on webOS-based LG Smart TVs in millions of homes with the goal of improving and transforming how we live. Finalists were invited to present their ideas onstage to a panel of LG Executives including North America CEO, Thomas Yoon. 



Key2enable is dedicated to positively transforming the lives of children, regardless of their abilities. With a mission to elevate TV Time into dynamic learning adventures, this team presented an app for children to create a rich variety of personalized activities using AI integration. The Key2enable app is inclusive of play-based learning with comprehensive progress tracking and is inclusive for children with disabilities. The compatible KEY-X keyboard and accessories designed for children with motor, physical and cognitive disabilities aim to empower all children to connect with family and friends while fostering learning and growth. 



Traditional devices can pose accessibility challenges for disabled individuals, which is why AAVAA was developed to offer bionic technology for hands-free control of remote devices. By decoding brain and bio-signals to understand the user’s subtle commands, AAVAA software integration with webOS-enabled TVs would enable intuitive control and offer LG TV users with differing abilities a new way to experience controls.    

Docktor Connect


With a goal of redefining health technology with web-OS, the Doktorconnect app allows users a unique healthcare experience making it easier to address health and wellness in one place. With webOS-enabled TV integration, individuals would be able to easily conduct telehealth appointments from their device, store fitness data from activity watches and access health tools such as medication trackers, remote monitoring, home lab tests, hydration meters and more. The app is also compatible with Doktorconnect’s line of devices which includes health monitors, a sleep monitor and a body composition smart scale.  

Hackathon collage


webOS TV Platform Hackathon Entrants


First Place - Key2enable, Jose Rubinger Filho: Using LG TVs as inclusive learning hubs by integrating their literacy platform with customized education.  


Second Place - AAVAA Inc., Naaeem Komeilipoor: Hands-free TV control via wearables tracking eye and head movements.


Third Place - Doktorconnect, Joseph Olowe: Connecting their digital healthcare platform to LG TVs to provide in-home care and wellness experiences.


AUX TV, Shane Land: Integrating their second screen platform using LG API for companion TV content.  


Bass Parlour, Darryl Stephens: Integrating their music collaboration app into LG webOS TVs to allow users to connect and record music together.


Dreamscapes Immersive, Nolie MacDonald: Creating an app with AI and VR for therapeutic environments and mental wellbeing.


Kin Technologies, Carolyn Eagen: Providing customized access to personal photos/videos on LG TVs with a VR bridge.


J Coleman: Creating a STEM education and collaboration platform using LG TV capabilities.

moitoi:verse, Bhaswati Saikia: Leveraging LG webOS TV API to deliver immersive, gamified virtual therapy and counseling through the TV.


Piusha Pandey: Building a fitness app showcasing LG TV features like cursor tracking for user movement. 


Salim Madjd: Developing media and entertainment experiences leveraging the LG TV platform.


Slink It, Mack Craft: Building a smart TV app powered by AI and voice tech for frictionless shopping and purchases.

Swayware, Tejas Kumthekar: Personalizing experiences by tracking LG TV usage data combined with web browsing.


Trivia App, Nicolas Grenié: Developing a fun trivia app for LG TVs using cursor tracking and mobile syncing capabilities. 


Werenode, Benoit Maisseu: Displaying their EV charging platform on LG TVs for voice control and management.


WishKnish Corp, Eugene Teplitsky: Combining LG TV and blockchain ledger capabilities to share consumer data and preferences.