The eight winners and four runner-up companies of the LG NOVA Proto Challenge were selected based on their proposed solution for a better life in the areas of connected health, energizing mobility, smart lifestyles, the metaverse and innovation for impact. These winners and runners-up have been invited to join the "First 50" businesses selected in the global challenge program - creating the first cohort of companies that LG NOVA will work with to build for the future.

Proto Challenge Winners

Connected Health

A SaaS platform providing an alternate solution to retail pharmacies that use dispensing units for prescription fulfillment in physicians’ offices at the point of care. The solution puts the prescribed drug in the hands of the patient within minutes when they are still at the doctor’s office.

XRHealth operates state-of-the-art Virtual Clinics, utilizing proprietary FDA registered medical virtual reality (VR/AR) applications. XRHealth integrates immersive VR/AR technology, licensed clinicians and advanced data analytics on one platform, providing a comprehensive therapeutic care solution for patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their home. The company focuses on three main therapeutic areas: pain management, neurological disorders, and behavioral health.

MayaMD develops and sells engaging artificial intelligence (AI) platforms that improve healthcare. Maya’s solutions quickly gather a user’s symptoms, past medical history, and/or laboratory results, and convert this data into a list of potential diagnoses and follow-up care suggestions. By enhancing communication between patients and clinicians, the tools create an opportunity for better health outcomes.

Energizing Mobility

An end-to-end EV charging management solution offering operations management, grid management, user management, public and workplace charging management, as well as various advanced billing capabilities and driver applications.

EV charging stations that reduce the grid upgrades, size, permitting, and installation labor by 90 percent.

One of the world’s first mobile and intelligent on-demand EV charging network.

Smart Lifestyles

Military-grade smart key that wirelessly unlocks your devices and online accounts when you're nearby, then locks everything down when you walk away.

The first AI-powered kitchen assistant provides a single platform to connect all your kitchen and cooking needs in today's smart home.

Digital grocery shopping and cooking assistant that tracks grocery store purchases to provide cooking recommendations based on inventory data and diet accommodations.


Lets people connect, communicate, and experience together in lifelike, immersive, and interactive environments optimized for 3D and VR. The platform is updated with new experiences and features weekly. is backed by multinational investors and is poised to expand across multiple verticals such as entertainment, virtual travel, hospitality, and more.

A web-based VR/AR platform for rapidly delivering scalable remote collaboration and training solutions.

ESG Special Project

A women-led company that uses AI avatars and robots to help users run their homes, specifically providing support for people living with disabilities and caregivers.