CES 2022: What’s Happening in Las Vegas That Doesn’t Stay in Las Vegas

Jan 5, 2022 2:54:00 PM

Written by GearBrain Editorial TeamHere is a quick look at all the smart devices, systems and farm equipment we saw on the first day in Las Vegas at the Consumers Electronics Show 2022

Every year, right after the holidays, the tech industry flies into Las Vegas to showcase their latest and greatest products for the coming year. This year, GearBrain will provide an inside look at the gadgets, systems, smart appliances, hubs, wearables and any other new gadget that work on a wireless connection and will make our new connected life easier and might be able to save you money and the environment at the same time.

Here is a first look at a few of the new smart products and services from major consumer electronics company as well as a farm equipment manufacturer. 


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