Mission for the Future is a global challenge competition for startups and entrepreneurs to propose their ideas to LG, sponsored by LG NOVA – LG’s new innovation center based in Silicon Valley, , organized under LG Electronics’ U.S. research and development subsidiary, Zenith Electronics LLC.

Mission for the Future is a intended to be 9-month annual challenge that will seek out great ideas, concepts and businesses that will help improve our quality of life in the future. The goal of the challenge is to bring outside-in innovation to LG.

LG believes that diverse perspectives can lead to better innovation. We want to partner with startups to give ideas that impact the global community the opportunity to flourish. With its global reach and infrastructure, LG believes that it is in the position to help these ideas succeed for the betterment of people, communities and the planet.

LG NOVA is a dedicated team within LG focused on engaging with startups and entrepreneurs for building businesses for LG. While you'll primarily be working with the LG NOVA team, you'll have the opportunity to also engage with different business units at LG throughout the process. The LG NOVA team and the challenge program have been set up to provide resources, nurture and grow businesses with startups. This unique opportunity is designed for startups and entrepreneurs. It will allow us to work in a different capacity than the typical relationship with LG business units.

No. You are not required to use LG technology in your idea.

The Challenge is open to all types of participants. There are certain participant restrictions outlined in our Rules and Participation Terms page.

Yes. LG is interested in establishing connections with startups that have the potential to create new business initiatives with LG.

The LG NOVA team has chosen these five topic areas – Connected Health, Energizing Mobility, Smart Lifestyles, The Metaverse and Innovation for Impact because we believe that these are key areas to be explored in our inaugural challenge. We're looking for submissions that will help us achieve a technologically advanced lifestyle for people, the community and the planet. If your idea does not fit the specific topic areas above, please feel free to submit them under the Innovation for Impact open track. We're interested in hearing all ideas on improving the quality of life in the future.

A team of judges from LG will review all eligible responses to the Mission for the Future Challenge. Submissions will be scored according to market attractiveness, team strength, right to win the market, potential synergy with LG, innovation. More details are listed on the Competition Details page. LG NOVA may invite a diverse group of highly experienced investors and industry experts to evaluate each application throughout the process. Each judge is required to recuse themselves from judging any Entry with whom there is a personal or business relationship, including as formal advisors, investors, or family members.

Yes, LG welcomes and encourages responses from other countries beyond the United States. Please see the rules page to confirm your country's eligibility.

The selected companies will enter an incubation/acceleration program with the LG NOVA team. The LG NOVA team will work with the companies to further test and explore the business ideas in the six to nine months following the initial evaluation process. Throughout the process, the selected companies may have the opportunity to be provided with resources, investments and pilot program opportunities for their business.

The First 50 companies selected to enter the engagement process will be announced in January 2022.  From that set, the selection of 20 companies chosen to move on to the next phase will be announced in March 2022. The Top 10 winners of the challenge will be announced in June 2022.  

The LG NOVA Proto Challenge was a preliminary challenge hosted by LG NOVA jointly with TechConnect Ventures. Participants were given a shortened timeline to submit their ideas for a competition on innovations for the Home, Work and Life. While the Proto Challenge addressed slightly different topic matters, the finalists will be invited to join the Mission for the Future Challenge as one of the "First 50." Companies that entered the Proto Challenge that were not selected as finalists are welcome to reapply to the Mission for the Future challenge.

Yes, companies from all stages of funding are encouraged to apply.

It does not cost anything to apply. However, travel costs, accommodations or other costs to attend competition-related events will not be covered by LG.

No, you do not. LG’s interest in finding potential new collaboration partners with which to grow businesses. There are not requirements for minimum technical maturity for proposed technologies.

Eligible responses will be reviewed by a team of LG experts from a diverse range of departments to ensure that the respondents recognized by this challenge fit within the goals and mission of LG.

Yes, all respondents must be at least 18 years of age to respond. For entrepreneurs under 18, please ask a parent or guardian to submit a response on your behalf.

No. All submitted information must be non-confidential and non-proprietary in nature. The intent is for LG to build the business with you. Therefore, we intend to have transparent discussions on ownership of IP throughout the process.

Congratulations to The Selected 20