Our Focus

We want to hear about solutions that will help build a technologically advanced lifestyle for people while improving the quality of life on this planet. This means technologies for sustainable living, eco-friendly products and an inclusive society.


Transforming the concept of health and wellness

Digital Innovation is transforming how healthcare is delivered and experienced. We're developing new solutions for easier access to care and empowering people to manage their health and wellness.

Are you working on a service, technology, or business that disrupts the concept of health and healthcare?

Does your business solve or fix a major challenge in how healthcare operates today? We're searching for innovative business solutions that provide greater access across all communities to health care - whether it is digital healthcare, clinical care, personal health, or wellness. We want you to help us think innovatively about how we can transform the healthcare industry to better serve people at home, in alternative care facilities, or in hospitals.


Building immersive, boundless experiences for all

The metaverse offers the promise of an immersive boundless new experience. We're finding new worlds to explore in the metaverse and launching new unique experiences that will redefine why the metaverse is important to you for work and play.

What do we need to do to make the next metaverse a reality that is inclusive of all communities; providing equal opportunities for play, work, education, and commerce?

The opportunities of the metaverse are vast. We're only at the beginning of uncovering a new reality for play, work, education, and commerce. We want to hear your ideas of how we can help build a purposeful metaverse that will deliver value in the experience, enjoyment, and the exchange of information and business. We're interested in the next stage of the gaming experience in the metaverse that will help lead us to more engaging interactions in our social world.


Accelerating the growth of sustainability

Innovation is the key to accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth. We're embracing our role in creating technology that will improve people's lives, community and the planet. Starting with enabling and creating an infrastructure for electric mobility.

How will you help build a sustainable future, where the growth of commerce and business will be built around creating a circular economy that solves the challenges of our community while not creating waste?

We're looking for solutions in electric mobility, carbon efficiency, eco-friendly products, and accessibility to create a better earth, a better society, and better life for people. LG is committed to its sustainability goals - we want your help with new innovations and solutions that will result in transformative concepts for global businesses.


Changing lifestyle of people and community

Innovations in displays are at the crux of today's everyday user experiences. LG's OLED-based Transparent Display provides the supreme experience for better user engagement and enjoyment, playing a leading role in changing daily interactions and the lifestyles of people and communities.

What new experiences can we create with state-of-the-art display solutions? How can we improve upon the experiences of today to bring people more value in their daily lives by adding new display technologies?

New technologies such as OLED-based Transparent Displays will open the door to user engagement in many different capacities and functionality. Tell us about your innovative approach, need for a high-quality OLED-based Transparent Displays experience, or solution that can leverage our industry-leading LG Display technology. We want to hear your ideas on new user experiences, imaginative scenarios, and solutions using LG Display's innovative transparent display.


Exploring new innovations for better living

Life is home. Life is work. Life is school. Life is Play. We're exploring new innovations that can lead the way to greater fulfillment, convenience and care.

Where can we go next with devices and applications to improve people's daily lives?

This category goes beyond the current devices in the home to explore how technological innovations can improve every aspect of our lives - from simple solutions to advanced innovations across the home, work and school.
LG has a strong product portfolio of Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, and Business Solutions, made with intelligent analytics with ThinQ platform, and open for integration with WebOS applications.
We're looking for practical and transformational improvements in the home devices, consumer electronics, content, services, applications and technology that can streamline and improve how we live our daily lives.


Discovering new ideas that will help us create the future

The next wave of innovation starts here. We're calling on all startups, founders and entrepreneurs to help create new businesses that will shape the future of how we live, work and play.

What new innovation will disrupt the technology landscape to kick-start new trends in open innovation?

We want you to help us explore new areas of not-yet-developed innovation that may have a significant impact on our future. Some areas of exploration that LG is particularly interested in are: Personal 5G, digital media and marketing, and the next personal device. LG is interested in new ideas that fit the company's ethos of innovating for a better life.

Please provide only non-confidential, non-proprietary information in your application. LG will treat the submitted information as public information, and reserves the right to use it in a public setting.

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