Our Focus

We want to hear about solutions that will help build a technological advanced lifestyle for people while improving the quality of life on this planet. This means technologies for sustainable living, eco-friendly products and an inclusive society.

Connected Health

Expanding access to healthcare and wellness

Too often, healthcare and wellness are deprioritized. Creating unique access to healthcare and more opportunities for wellness is essential to our future and can have a tremendous impact on every single person’s life. In this category, we’re looking for innovative approaches, access, digital fitness products and devices to provide people with more control over their healthcare and fitness, thereby increasing the health and wellness of our population.

Are you working on a service, technology, or a product that will disrupt how people view healthcare?

Does your approach change the perspective and the experience of digital healthcare? Do you have a solution to improve everyday access to health, wellness and fitness? Do you address a disparate community (people with disabilities, minorities, specific health issues) in providing better access to healthcare and wellness services?

Energizing Mobility

Staying on the Go with Electricity

Electric charging for our transportation - vehicles, boats, planes, buses, fleets, and the grid is key to a clean future society. For this category, we want to hear about new services, solutions, and business ideas that will help scale the electric mobility sector, including the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem.

Can you help create a sustainable EV infrastructure for providing energy to vehicles that will get us from one place to another?

Does your solution improve efficiency, usability or the experience of EV charging? Have you broadened or redefined the concept of electric mobility? Will you help catapult the EV industry forward? Tell us how you plan to change the EV market and help bring us to greater mobility with electricity.

Smart Lifestyles

Simplifying Life’s Tasks in the Home

Smart lifestyle is the next phase of the connected home. These devices go beyond access to the internet. They improve power efficiency, automate processes, and make managing the increasing complexity of running a multi-person household that now often seconds as the home office, school, daycare facility, and family gathering place. LG's ThinQ platform is an open ecosystem built to help streamline tasks with data and information from your home appliances, entertainment devices and content services.

Does your innovation improve, ease, or increase access to content and services in or outside the home?

In this category, we're looking for content, services, applications and technology that can be deployed in the connected home to streamline and improve how we live our daily lives. Although not required, applicants are encouraged to think about how they would leverage the ThinQ platform

The Metaverse

Building the Next Digital World

The metaverse is our next internet. It will be made up of VR, AR, and XR technology, along with blockchain, digital avatars and cryptocurrencies. The potential, from enterprise VR and gaming to online learning, is boundless.

We want to hear your ideas on work, life and play for the next internet.

Do you have a unique business idea for the metaverse? Can you help bring the metaverse to the masses? What is your vision of products and services for the next internet?

Innovation for Impact

Improve the World Community

This is an open category to broadly explore breakthroughs or adjacent innovations that create a positive impact on people, communities and the planet. We want to hear ideas that provide new solutions and services that impact and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Submission in this category can include ideas for established industries, such as fintech, broadband, adtech, entertainment, digital media and technology for the good of people, communities and the planet.

However, the desire is to explore not-yet-imagined industries or concepts that are not established as traditional businesses but may have a significant positive impact on our future. LG is interested in new ideas that fit the company's ethos of innovating for a better life.

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